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Iremember when i was a kid and the hollidays were an event not just another day, we didnt have much so gifts and things werent what made them so special either. Nor were we exactly religious so thats not it either of course thats not saying we were athiasts just that we didnt attend church or belong to any specific church though we did grow up to believe in god or at least the basic principals he represents anyway. but i remember getting so excited for the hollidays, i remember that dad didnt have to work them and was off early the day before them and we would drive around the area(we lived in the countryside) and deliver the cinamin rolls and other goodies mom made for all the neihbors and people we knew,. i remember going out to cut our own tree which was an adventure we all loved of copurse this was back before u needed licences and permission and a designated area tyo do so. I remember because we luived on a ranch and had chores christmas morning, we did a nice dinner and presents on christmas eve, which added to the excitement because dinner would always be long and drawn out and then dishes and the suspense would get so built up waiting for our presents we coukld nearly burst. and by presents i mean some cheap or home made clothes and maybe a toy or two if u were lucky and in the morning our stockings had mixed nuts(in the shells) oranges, and some candy.  Is it because im older that it seems the hollidays have lost there luster or is it society? all i hear is presents presents presents buy buy buy spend spend spend i want i want i want i dont hear or see nearly as much of the true pure joy and kindness and happiness in people i remember as a boy, but maybe my memory is bad? it just seems most of the traditions and things that made it so special have faded away and its kind of sad to me. everything is always open now nothing used to be open on hollidays and it feels as though people and children as well have let themselves be overcome by greed and selfishness and have lost site of what is truely important, special and good. in an age now where its ridiculed and even laughed or scoffed at to believe in god i can kind of see how weve gotten to this point with so many things. the key to believing in god was never to take it all litterally, thats silly but to be guided by a set of principles that promoted selflessness and kindness and appreciation for each other and what we have.

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